Welcome to J. Harvey Ltd. Bermuda

Bermuda's #1 wholesale distributor providing one stop shop for all your paper, plastic, foam and eco-friendly disposable products .
Visit our Shop / Warehouse at 54 St. John's Road, directly across St. Johns Gas Station and Auto Solutions.

Green / Eco Friendly Products

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Take Out Containers

Earth Choice

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At Pactiv, from purchasing raw materials to delivering finished products, we consider the environmental impact of our products and processes.



Hinged Lid Containers, Tamper Evident & Resitant Hinged Lid Containers, Octagons, Square Shelf Savers, Square Salad Containers, Recycled Swirl Bowls, Cups, Lids, FIBER BLEND, Hinged Lid Containers, Tableware, Pulpex Food Trays and Plates, School Lunch Trays and Serving Trays, Beverage Carriers and Carry Out Trays, PLA (Polylactic Acid), Cold and Portion Cups, Lids, Hot Cups, Soup Cups, Lids & Sleeves, Containers, MFPP (Mineral Filled Polypropylene), SmartLock® Hinged Lid Containers, MealMaster, PSM (Plastarch Material), RPP (Recycled Polypropylene Cutlery), PSM (Plastarch Material) Cutlery, RPP (Recycled Polypropylene) Cutlery, THE ONEBOX™

Take Out Containers & Cutlery
Eco Friendly Products, Featured
Earth Choice

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If you havent found what you are looking for or need help choosing a product, feel free to contact us or stop by at our warehouse location on St. Johns Road.