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Graphic Packaging International is a leading global marketer and manufacturer of paper and plastic
single-use packaging for the foodservice industry, partnering with leading brands and distributors in a
variety of industries, from quick-service restaurants to hotels. Our paper cups, food containers, plates
and accessories are found in foodservice establishments across the country, from one-store locations to
large national chains.


Hot Cups and Lids 2-5
Insulated Hot Cups and Lids 6-7
ecotainer® Hot Cups and Lids 8
Post Consumer Recycled Fiber Hot Cups 9
Individually Wrapped Cups 9
Vending Cups and Lids 10
Hot Cup Accessories 11
Cold Cups and Lids 12-15
ecotainer® Cold Cups and Lids 16
Clear Plastic Cups and Lids 17
Car Cups and Lids 18
Cold Cup Accessories 19
Food Containers
Combo Packs
Hot and Cold Food Lids
ecotainer® Food Containers
Snack Containers
Food Buckets
Bucket Lids
Popcorn Buckets
Hot Beverage Containers
Cold Beverage Conta

Take Out Containers & Cutlery
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