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Cups & Containers

Cups & Containers


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This premium cup offering has durable sidewalls and complete clarity for enhanced product presentation. Smooth rolled rims allow for leak resistant lid fit. Pair Kal-Clear Cups with cup inserts and lids to create a variety of on-the-go options. Recyclable in the communities that accept PET cups.



Kal-Clear® PET Cups
Nexclear® Polypropylene Cups
Cup Lids & Inserts
Greenware® Cold Cups
RK Polystyrene Cups
Kids Cups
Juice Cups
Portion Cups
Polystyrene Portion Cups
Polypropylene Portion Cups
Portion Cup Lids
Greenware® Portion Cups and Lids

Round Containers

SideKicks® Containers
Alūr Deli Containers
Pro-Kal® Deli Containers
Indulge Dessert Containers
Kal-Tainer Containers
Micro Cups
Food Containers

Square Containers

Greenware® On-The-Go Boxes
TruWare™ Deli Containers
Alūr On-The-Go Boxes
Square Tubs
Hinged Containers
Greenware® Plant Fiber Containers
Plant Fiber Blend Containers

Take Out Containers & Cutlery

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