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Bags & Paper


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Bagcraft® Packaging products are used across a wide range of foodservice, restaurant, supermarket, convenience store, bakery, food processor and  industrial packaging applications.




Pan Liners
Grease Proof
Bake ‘N’ Reuse
Baking Liners

Interfolded Sheets

Dry Wax

Sandwich Wraps & Basket Liners

Dry Wax
Grease Resistant
Menu Tissue
Barrier Wax
I-Rap® Insulated
Dubl Shield® Insulated
Three Ply Insulated
Honeycomb Foil Insulated
Clear Polypropylene

Steak & Patty Paper
Butcher & Freezer Paper
Table Covers & Kitchen Roll Wax

ToGo! Packaging

Hot Meal WIndow Bags
Hot Meal Bags
Tear Perf Bags™
Window Pizza Bag & Tray
Insulated Deli Bags
Foil Insulator Bags
Doggie Bags
HDPE Carryout Bags
Food Trays
Cone Liners & Fry Bags

Sandwich Bags

Dubl View® Deli Bags
Submarine Sandwich Bags
Dubl Open® Single Serve Sandwich Bags
Grease Resistant Single Serve Sandwich Bags
Waxed Single Serve Sandwich Bags
Foil Single Serve Sandwich Bags

Specialty Bags

Multi-Purpose Window Chip Bags
Glassine Bag
Polypropylene Bags
Dubl Wax® Lunch Bags
Pickle Bags
Sanitary Products
Popcorn Bags

Bread Bags

Unprinted Bread Bags
Printed Bread Bags
Foil Garlic Bread Bags
Dubl Wax® Bread Bags
Dubl-Panel® Bread Bags

Bakery Bags

EcoCraft® Single Serve Window Bags
Stand Up Window Bags
Dubl View® Bakery Bags
Dubl Wax® SOS Bags
C-Thru® Display Bags

Coffee Packaging

Java Jacket® Sleeves
Java Pac® Dispenser
Stand Up Coffee Bags

Bags & Paper

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