About J. Harvey Ltd.

J. Harvey Ltd., has provided a service unsurpassed in its’ field since 1978.

The business was started by James Henry Harvey with only one employee. He worked out of the back of a station wagon and maintained a small warehouse off Court Street, Hamilton.

Today,  J. Harvey Ltd. employees an all Bermudian staff of 9 and operates 4 trucks out of a large warehouse off St. John’s Road, Pembroke providing daily delivery to the island’s restaurants, deli’s, supermarkets, hotels and cleaning companies from Somerset to St. Georges.

We stock paper, plastic, foam, Eco-friendly disposable products and much more.

Our St. John’s Road location also serves as a retail store where the local consumer is able to purchase supplies for parties, weddings, summer events or just bulk household items.

Stop by at our retail store in St. Johns Road and check us out!

J. Harvey Ltd.

Retail Store St. Johns Road, Pembroke



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If you haven't found what you are looking for or need help choosing a product, feel free to contact us or stop by at our warehouse location on St. Johns Road.